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Celebrity City Commercial Complex advance Xiangyang

Date: 2013-04-25

April 20, Xiangcheng District, Xiangyang, Hubei major investment projects in spring 2013 focused contract signing ceremony was held in Xiangcheng, Xiangyang City Mayor do not necessarily male, Municipal Committee, Commission for Discipline Inspection Wang Zhaomin, Vice Mayor ZhuHui and other city leaders, ministries and the District Office Board Bureau Four leaders attended the signing ceremony.

Celebrity City Hotel Group chairman Tan Shousheng invited to attend the signing ceremony, and to Xiangyang Celebrity Hotel renovation and expansion project contract.This project contract settled Xiangcheng, a total investment of $ 400 million, will be built into Xiangcheng landmark, improve quality of life and cultural tourism Xiangcheng grade, and further promote the development of modern service industry.By Tan President's words, to build this building become a commercial complex, a city of Xiangyang brand.

The so-called "commercial complex," is the city commercial, office, residential, hotel, exhibition, catering, conference, entertainment and other urban living space over three functions combined in various parts establish a relationship of interdependence, mutualbenefits of dynamic relationships to form a versatile, high-efficiency, complex and unified complex.It came into being along with the development of the city, is becoming the city complex after another favorite, there are mainly to large shopping center as the carrier of urban commercial complex to leisure formats leisure complexes and tourist facilities integratedbody, as well as the main office to office complexes.

With the house paid off by regulation, Chinese hinterland numerous four-tier cities, began commercial complex in droves.And whether you have five-star hotel, it is the local governments assess grade scale commercial complexes.Commercial complex with diverse formats, consumer enjoyment, industrial diversification and other characteristics, its essence is to stop and enjoy the service, the essence of this complex in a large resource integration platform.Celebrity City Hotel Group has championed the hotel as a platform for innovation, professional management to room as the core, "Yes, BOSS" service concept, the integration of dining, entertainment, department stores and other industry best resource for strategic cooperation to provide guests lodging, travelshopping entertainment train services, to create celebrity features experiential comprehensive consumer brands, and strive to become customers 3.0 times the depth of support for partner.This business model is exactly consistent commercial complex development.

Group chairman Tan Shousheng in the Group's development strategy meeting to show that, in the future the city will be the commercial complex morphology celebrities hold the cities, a large platform to strengthen the integration of resources, strengthening large industrial scale, and strengthening the great customer service, and continuously enhance the comprehensive competitivenesssustainable development capacity and ability to resist risks.